Radical Fashion Market

Radical Fashion Market

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Given the success of the RADICAL SUMMER MARKET we are already planning the next event for Sunday, August 18, at Holzmarkt! This date is perfect as RAVE THE PLANET is on the day before, meaning TONS of rave interested tourists will be in the city looking for something to do Sunday during the day.

It'll be a one-stop-shop for the handmade exclusive pieces: jewelry, clothing, hand/belt bags, etc. All accompanied by delicious food (pizza, ceviche, chicken burgers, smoothies, Mexican food, and Asian noodles), drinks, and djs. The market will take place at Holzmarkt 25, conditions for rent here.

We're inviting 30-45 designers to showcase their goods. Our last event drew around 3.500 people and was full pretty much the whole day. If each designer makes a post on Instagram and/or TikTok, we'll have a tremendous reach and can attract a lot of people to the market. 

We have two options for participation: either a table length of ca 2 meters for 100.00 EUR net or half a table (your area would be ca 1.5 meters long) for 85 EUR net. If you opt for half a table, we'll find a suitable table neighbor :) 


Why choose us?

Reason one

Unique and Emerging Designs: SHOP RADICAL focuses on providing a platform for emerging designers, meaning you'll discover fashion items that are one-of-a-kind and not found anywhere else. By shopping here, you can support and promote the work of up-and-coming designers, while also standing out with your unique style.

Reason two

Regular Updates and Limited Collections: To keep things fresh and exciting, SHOP RADICAL frequently introduces new limited collections. This ensures that the inventory is constantly evolving, providing you with new and exclusive options to choose from.

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